Dakshin Kalikata Sevasram
Think, Speak and Work with us for India's underprivileged children
 Welcome to the Dakshin Kalikata Sevasram
            The premises of Dakshin Kalikata Sevasram                                                                                                                     Our Founders
“It is the great ideal of the Indian people that regard  the poor as DARIDRA NARAYAN . To them, God comes in the shape of  the poor 
and  service of  the poor is the service of  God in Indian mind . I shall, therefore, try to direct  your activities to service of the  poor.”
                                                                                                                                                   - Deshabandhu Chittaranjan Das ( Founder President )
                          We are located at : 93 & 97 Sarat Bose Road Kolkata 700026 ( Phone no : 2474-0748 )

                           One of the divisions of DKS is The DKS shop.
                           It sells a variety of unusual and attractive articles for homes, offices and children.
                           Inmates of the Sevasram primarily create these products.
                           You can get the entire range of DKS products too at the DKS Shop.
                           Much have been done yet we know that we have still miles to go – We need your help.
                           Our Group Photo

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